Colleen Bellitti

“I created Dry Divas because I wanted a great quality, stylish product for myself and my family. I hope you enjoy your Dry Divas shower caps as much as we do.

From the mind and inspiration of Colleen Bellitti, welcome to the world of “Dry Divas!” Dry Divas is a premium shower cap and bath products company specializing in hair care. Colleen is a skilled designer and salesperson who continues to create needed and beautiful beauty-related products which have been highlighted in magazines such as InStyle, Vogue Japan, Shape, InTouch, US, Bride, etc.

Prior to founding Dry Divas, Colleen worked for 21 years with a top investment management company, where she honed her business and sales skills. While working full time, Dry Divas began in Colleen’s garage 11 years ago. As Dry Divas sales grew, Colleen made the difficult decision to leave her day job and focus on her beauty product line. Since then, Colleen’s creative energy has expanded the business  beyond shower caps to include towel wraps, spa bands, and cosmetic bags.

Dry Divas was created because Colleen believed that there was a need for women to preserve their hair in a fashionable and functional manner, regardless of age, so the “bouffant” shower cap entered the world.  As women, we spend so much money and time on our hair, so why not preserve it?  Shampoos, conditioners, coloring, flat irons, etc.,

the maintenance is endless and there was a void of high-quality shower caps that truly kept your hair dry and that would last. Countless months were spent researching, testing, ultimately leading to the use of the highest quality elastic and producing a leak-proof shower cap in fashionable fabrics that lasts for years. Dry Divas’ motto is “Stay Fabulous” so why not feel pretty while saving that perfect look?

Colleen also has the soul of a true humanitarian, lending her heart and resources to the support of many charitable organizations. These last 26 years Colleen has served on the Board of Directors of the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles. She also supports aspiring female entrepreneurs through her involvement with the New Village Girls’ Academy and mentorship programs. Colleen is also involved with Sisters of Sojourn, a women’s organization that raises funds to pay for housing for physically abused women.

When not promoting her beauty and bath products and giving back to the community, Colleen is happily hanging out with her husband of 25 years and their two collegiate children.

“Dry Divas makes a difference in our world,” that’s just one of the by-lines Colleen strives for with her company. Colleen’s mantra to everyone, especially women, is “with quality, drive, and determination there is no limit to what can be achieved.” Colleen Bellitti of Dry Divas stands behind every single order because every single order is outstanding!

Stay Fabulous