I can’t and have not said enough about not only your product, but your customer service.  It’s like ordering from a friend.

Enjoy your year and best wishes to you and your company.

Elizabeth / Arkansas

I love love my glamorous shower cap! Not only are the colors in the patterns vibrant but a high quality fabric is used. It is so well made that the shower cap has lasted longer than any I have owned. I have given many as gifts to friends, granddaughters, and teachers. They always have a smile on their face when they open their gift.

Fabulous and Fancy! What a selection of patterns of Dry Diva Shower Caps. They are really nice quality with attention to detail. We feel special every time we wear them.  Pamper has taken on a new meaning with the jeweled cap, and my hair is really dry and not flat after the shower, as the cap is thick and stays puffy.  Definitely a “must-have”, and a wonderful gift. I sent some to family and am sending some to my friends who would appreciate a little pampering too!  
Ruth S.
What a charming way to “Wrap the Caps!” Thank you for the extra attention. I keep a couple of these on hand as a quick gift- so easy and such fun! 

I bought two of your shower  caps when I was in Arizona about five years ago and I gave one to my mother – we both loved them. 

They are the best!  

These shower caps last forever!  Best purchase ever!

Dry Divas unique shower caps are the best shower caps you will ever own!  They are beautiful, stylish, well-made, and long-lasting.  Most importantly, they really keep your hair dry!

Thanks for making this amazing product!!


These days it is hard to find a company with good customer service. Dry Divas has AMAZING customer service. Those “Divas” go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with their products. A fun, fashionable, and functional gift that everyone should have.

In my 76 years, I have never had wonderful, outstanding customer service. I live in Assisted living and will tell all my residence friends. To have customer service so friendly and willing to help. 

I am a repeat customer of both the diva shower caps and the towel wraps!! I bought myself a set and loved it SOOOO MUCH that I have purchased multi other sets to give as the perfect gifts to my Diva Friends‼️ The cap looks like a washable crown with a jewel crest and the towel wrap is the most elegantly butter soft material I have ever touched. Designed to be adjustable and perfect to lounge in while awaiting the perfect time to get dressed. I especially love the warm lightweight feel. Absolutely perfect gift for the Bride and bridal Party to playfully masquerade in while dressing or any other fabulous event!!I can’t recommend these products enough!! PERFECT!!!!  💕


Thank you for creating such pretty and wonderful shower caps!  They are the best.

Cheryl B.
Hello Dry Divas!   …….I just wanted to let you know that I received shipment on this order today, and when I opened the box, I fell in love with my new shower cap immediately!!

The last time I got a shower cap from you I saved the box, and wrote the date on it. It was 4-and-a-half years ago! That’s how long it lasted….and I only had to replace it because the elastic finally stretched out, which is to be expected. When I went online to try and find a new one I was worried that maybe your company might be gone….but I was so happy that it was still there!!….and right here in So. Calif. Yaaayyyyy!! And both caps match my black and white and pink bathroom perfectly. I keep my DryDivas shower cap proudly hanging on a very visible hook!

I love your designs and your sense of color, and the jeweled pin and the ribbon and — well — everything!! This is a truly wonderful product, and I thank you for creating something that really makes me enjoy getting in the shower every day.

Thanks……and stay well!!

Sandy S.

I buy a lot online, however, I must say I have never experienced customer service like Dry Divas.  The founder and owner called me directly to thank me for my order!  Who does that anymore?   The BEST COMPANY EVER!



Linda C.

I buy a lot online, however, I must say I have never experienced customer service like Dry Divas.  The founder and owner called me directly to thank me for my order!  Who does that anymore?   The BEST COMPANY EVER!



Linda C.

Thanks so much!  I love your product and more importantly the people who work there. Dry Divas is a top notch company!

L. Cohen