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Vogue: Japan

Japan Loves Dry Divas

Can anyone help a diva out with this translation?? All we know is that we are a hit in Japan!


Keep Tresses in Tact with Style

Retro-glamorous shower caps are the new celebrity rage! Incredible quality, soft laminated stylish fabrics makes Dry Divas an awesome gift. Bouffant, Classic & Little Diva sizes.

Celebrity Hairstyles

Hot Stuff: Dry Divas

While you shower, keep your hair dry and static-free…and look cute doing it! Dry Divas shower caps (a favorite of celebs like Brooke Burke and Julia Roberts) are soft, 100% waterproof and come in 2 sizes – Bouffant and Classic – offering a snug fit that keeps water out. You can even add a personal touch and customize your cap with fun patterns, ribbons and embellishments.


Top-Shelf Product

This glam shower cap has a wide elastic band to keep out all moisture, plus plenty of room on top so you don’t flatten you hairstyle.

Beautiful Bride

Editor’s Choice: Dry Divas Shower Caps

Customizable caps designed to fit no matter how much hair you need to keep dry.


10 Easy Tips for Going Natural

Use shower caps to protect twist outs or during deep-conditioning treatments.

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